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Why include fermented beverage concentrates in your diet and how to use them correctly in order to get the maximum benefit?

Fermented foods are currently very popular among people who eat healthily and care about their health. Scientists say that fermented products are very nutritious due to microbial cultures that develop during fermentation, which produce vitamins of group B, omega 3 fatty acids, enzymes and lactic acid. Such products have a very favorable effect on the digestive system, because thanks to them, good bacteria enter the body, which balance the intestinal microflora, which affects our overall well-being. Environmental factors such as stress, processed food, chemicals in our water and food, pollution, radiation and certain medications can have a negative impact on the diversity and quantity of the good bacteria that live in our intestines. Fermented beverage concentrates are a quick and effective way to enrich your intestines with live good bacteria. It is enough to consume a small amount in order to maintain and restore the natural diversity of intestinal bacteria. 

How are fermented beverage concentrates different from good bacteria in tablets?

Surely you have heard more than once that it is always better to collect all the necessary nutrients by eating a balanced diet, and not by drinking various supplements. This is because supplements will never bring the same benefits to the body as the food itself, and one of the reasons is that dietary supplements are not as strictly regulated as drugs. 

  • Fermentuotas gėrimo koncentratas yra gyvas produktas ir jame esančios bakterijos yra gyvos. Tai reiškia, kad tik išgėrus šio gėrimo bakterijos iškart pradeda veikti jūsų organizme. Tabletėse bakterijos “miega”, jos yra liofilizuotos ir jų aktyvavimas įvyksta tik po keleto valandų nuo patekimo į mūsų žarnyną (jeigu tai suspėja įvykti). 
  • In the manufacture of a fermented drink, lactic fermentation occurs, which means that the bacteria already live in an acidic medium (therefore, the taste of this drink is acidic). Due to this, the bacteria contained in the drink, getting into the stomach, are completely unaffected by gastric acids and remain alive. 
  • Fermented products retain all minerals, enzymes and amino acids. Thanks to the good bacteria in them, your body absorbs nutrients better, so we get significantly more from fermented products than when we consume them unfermented.

 Daily consumption of good bacteria

If circumstances allow, good bacteria should enrich your diet daily. It should be understood that these are not medicines, but enriching the diet with them will bring a very large number of benefits to our health. Good bacteria help regulate digestion, balance the intestinal microbiota. They effectively act in case of diarrhea, constipation, tormenting bloating, just to strengthen immunity. There are also many studies proving the effectiveness of good bacteria in the treatment of skin diseases such as acne, rosacea and eczema. The use of good bacteria should be consulted with a doctor by persons with serious diseases (autoimmune diseases, allergies, people who undergo chemotherapy, people after heavy operations, during pregnancy), as well as those who have recently undergone serious operations. 

 Side effects

Good bacteria already naturally live in our body, so their consumption is completely safe for most, but side effects can occur. The most common side effects are temporary increased gas accumulation, bloating, constipation or diarrhea and thirst. If you experience these symptoms, you should reduce your intake or stop taking it for a while.

How much to consume fermented beverage concentrate per day?

Since fermented beverage concentrates contain a high concentration of good bacteria, it is enough for an adult to consume 3 tablespoons a day, and for children 3 teaspoons a day. In case of diseases, with intestinal infections, inflammations, during poisoning, when taking antibiotics, the body loses significantly more good bacteria, so it is useful to consume fermented beverage concentrates in larger quantities. 

How and at what time is it best to take fermented drink concentrate?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. There are several ways you can include fermented beverage concentrates in your daily routine to get the maximum health benefits. 

  • People who do not have troubles with increased acidity of the stomach can consume pure concentrate of a fermented drink on an empty stomach in the morning 30min before meals.
  • The drink has a sour and intense taste and smell so for those who are not pleased to consume pure, we recommend consuming it with cool foods or cold drinks: natural juices, green smoothies, yogurts, chilled porridges, cold sauces for salads. 
  • When taking good bacteria, it is very important that they do not come into contact with heat, so do not drink any hot drinks for 30 minutes after consumption. 
  • It does not matter at all whether you take good bacteria three times or once a day. Choose the most suitable time for yourself so that you can do it for at least three weeks without interruptions. That's how long it takes to recover the gut microbiota.
  • Taking good bacteria is recommended until you no longer feel the symptoms that bother you. To maintain the result obtained, it is recommended to take breaks of no more than 3 weeks.
  • If you are taking antibiotics, plan to create a 3-hour gap between them and the use of good bacteria. As long as antibiotics act on the body, they kill all the bacteria, so with simultaneous use we will not get any benefit at all.
  • In case of eating too heavy food and impaired digestion, we recommend drinking fermented drink concentrate so that the active good bacteria contained in it help speed up the digestive processes and facilitate well-being.
  • After opening, store the fermented concentrate of the drink in the refrigerator and consume it within 3 months after opening.

Any changes affect more than one area of life - they act in a complex way. The more choices you make to enrich your health, the stronger your health will be. Health is the most precious asset, and in a healthy body is a healthy soul. We want to inspire you to change, give love to the process and help you successfully achieve your personal goals! Thank you for choosing our product!


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    Per pastarus 3 metus teko vartoti daug antibiotikų, virškinimo problemos ir pilvo pūtimas vargino iki tos dienos, kol nepradėjau vartoti jūsų produkto (kokoso skonio). Po pirmos dienos nebejutau sunkumo skrandyje, pilvo pūtimas baigėsi…trečią dieną oda tapo skaisti…Koks nuostabus produktas! Rekomenduoju, nes tai tobulas produktas…ačiū labai, kad esate!

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